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Timascus Spaxle

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Timascus Spaxle

The Spaxle (Spinning Axle) is a fidget spinner consisting of a center axle and two top caps connected with FZ Essentials Hybrid Ceramic Bearings that allow all three main components to rotate independently.

The Spaxle can be spun in a variety of ways, such as gripping and ripping the stem like a traditional top, using your thumb or fingers to flick the bodies while in hand, or spinning horizontally on any reasonably flat surface. I'm certain you'll discover many different ways to fidget with this unique design.

The UFO top cap is based on Cody Mayfield’s iconic UFO Spinning Top design. Cody is the founder of UpsideDownWorks. Check out his craft at , the UpsideDownWorks Facebook Group, and UpsideDownWorks on Instagram.

Each Spaxle includes a maker card and sticker.


Axle Diameter - .30" at center

Top Cap Diameter - .73"

Overall length - 4.75"

Weight - ranges from 48 grams for a titanium axle with copper top caps to 67 grams for an all copper version.

Bearings - FZ Essentials Hybrid Ceramic. Bearings can easily be cleaned by pouring a little Isopropyl Alcohol in the top cap, giving it a spin, and then drying with cool air from a hair dryer, compressed air can, or light application from an air compressor. I will swap the bearings out for free in the event it is ever needed.